Air travel in times of COVID: Shows our failure to test and impose restrictions uniformly – National Herald

For the last few months, I have been going to Surat every month to attend to a case that has been filed against me. The first time I went was the first time I flew after the pandemic and had to find out what the process for flying was. I was told by the airline that an app from the Surat Municipal Corporation would have to be downloaded, and a form that was self-attested which said that I was not bearing any symptoms would also be needed to be signed and submitted.

I tried downloading the app but it was a fairly crude piece of software and my phone refused to download it. On landing in Surat, I was not asked to show either the app or the form but instead all passengers above 50 were told to take a rapid test, and their phone numbers and addresses were taken. On leaving Surat, I was asked to show if I had downloaded the Aarogya Setu app, which I did not have and did not know I was supposed to have. On landing back in Bangalore, nothing was asked for.
That was the first time I travelled.

The second time, the following month, on landing in Surat there was nobody at the airport to check anything and I walked about without the test or any form. The third time, which was in October, there were people at Surat airport who were taking the temperatures of passengers who were getting off the plane but no testing or taking down of addresses or phone numbers. This time, on leaving, nobody checked Aarogya Setu either.

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