To foster international travel from India, QR-coded vaccination certificates may be actuated – Knocksense

As per the statement of a public official, travellers can be tested for the novel coronavirus each time they cross a border but they cannot be inoculated at every such instance. So those who would be immunized against COVID-19, will need to maintain a vaccination certificate which would come with a QR code and this would further act as a digital pass or facilitating tool for them. This will enable the citizens to venture out on interstate travel and maybe international too, in the near future.

QR Code to be purveyed by the Union Government through the CoWIN system

Maharashtra’s State Immunization Officer, on Monday, mentioned that every vaccinated individual should preserve this QR code as it declares that the person has completed vaccination in India. This code with an expansive range of applications, will be purveyed by the Union government through the CoWIN system and will be linked to the beneficiary’s mobile number and identity proof.

The QR code will further serve as an authenticated proof of immunization against the contagious coronavirus. Moreover, it can be presented in front of the concerned authorities, without revealing any sensitive health information. The officer further added that the recipient of this digital pass will only be required to click on the code to show the vaccination certificate to authorities, anytime and anywhere.

‘Vaccine Passports’ to be used by several countries to gain access to places

A few countries across the globe who have already kickstarted their mass inoculation drive, are considering ‘vaccine passports’, that will allow their citizens to travel internationally, amidst the pandemic scenario. As per reports, several companies and technology groups have begun formulating smartphone apps or systems for individuals to upload details of their RT-PCR tests and vaccinations. This would concoct digital credentials for the beneficiary, that they can use while travelling.

~With inputs from TOI

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