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Mumbai unlock 2.0 guidelines: What you need to know about inter state travel and travel e pass

Mumbai unlock 2.0 guidelines: What you need to know about inter state travel and travel e pass 

The Maharashtra government extended the lockdown till 31 July across the state yesterday and urged residents to exercise an abundance of caution. And with that announcement came a new set of guidelines, including new Mumbai lockdown rules. Referred to as Unlock 2.0, or Mission Begin Again, in this phase, the state government has lifted more restrictions in this stage, though it said non-essential activities in Mumbai will still continue to be restricted owing to the continued surge in the number of COVID cases. Oh and it is not just the 2 km radius rule. Anyway, here are the new Mumbai unlock 2.0 rules, including if inter-state travel is allowed, if you will need a travel e pass, and more.

1. The 2 km radius rule in Mumbai continues, with the Maharashtra government saying that movement for non-essential activities will be restricted to the limits of their neighbourhood. And even within these limits, one must adhere to required precautions, including wearing masks, maintaing a safe distance, and more.

2. However, people are allowed to move outside their neighbourhoods for two reasons: Work and humanitarian reasons, including medical emergencies.

3. The government continues to allow operations of intra-district bus services in the city albeit only with a maximum capacity of 50 per cent per bus. Social distancing and sanitation measures must be maintained within the bus as well. However, this too is allowed only for either going to office and essential activities.

Inter-district movement

4. However, the Maharashtra government’s new order explicitly states that interdistrict movement will be regulated, i.e. you will need a travel e pass in order to travel to other districts within the state. 

Is inter-state travel from Mumbai allowed?

5. The simple answer is no. While other states across India have opened up their borders since last month, Maharashtra has continued to regulate inter-state movement. As is evident from other policies, long distance travel is currently not allowed.

Do I need a travel e pass from Mumbai?

6. If you intend to travel outside your district or the state, YES. To get a Mumbai travel e pass, simply head to the central government’s ServicePlus website. Alternatively, visit the Maharashtra Police’s dedicated website to apply for a travel pass in lockdown. And for travelling outside the limits of your neighbourhood, we advise getting a travel e pass if you are travelling for reasons other than an emergency.

By the way, breaking these rules will have severe consequences; the Mumbai Police has repeatedly warned that violators’ vehicles will be impounded. Here’s a tweet to show you just how serious they are about it.

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