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NEW DELHI: The Assam government on Thursday issued a travel advisory asking people from the state to avoid travel to Mizoram amid border dispute row.
” Given the critical prevailing situation, people of Assam are advised not to travel to Mizoram as any threat to the personal safety of people of Assam can’t be accepted,” the advisory stated.
“People of Assam, staying in Mizoram due to work related compulsion, should exercise utmost caution. These advisories will come into force with immediate effect and be given publicity for wider public knowledge and adherence,” it added.
The travel advisory comes days after six Assam police personnel and a civilian were killed and over 50 injured during a bloody border clash between Assam and Mizoram on July 26.
Earlier today, an Assam-based organisation, the Bir Lachit Sena, said it will enforce an indefinite “economic blockade” against Mizoram from Saturday, disallowing entry of people from the neighbouring state.
“No one from Mizoram should be allowed to come to Assam. At the same time, we urge the state government to provide protection to people of Assam in Mizoram and, if required, bring them back,” a Bir Lachit Sena member said.
Similar “economic blockades” against the bordering state have been enforced by different organisations in Cachar and neighbouring districts since the day of the violence on Monday.
The current tension began in June-end when Assam Police allegedly took control over an area known as ‘Aitlanghnar,’ accusing Mizoram of encroaching on its territory. Since then there have been repeated clashes between forces and people of the two states around the disputed area.
Union home minister Amit Shah has asked both chief minister to ensure peace at the border.
The Union ministry of home affairs has ordered deployment of CRPF personnel at the Assam-Mizoram border following which Assam withdrew its forces from the post, Cachar guardian minister Ashok Singhal said.
He, however, alleged that Mizoram was yet to do so and it wanted to settle the dispute “by arms and ammunitions”, which is the “wrong approach”.
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